Straight Pines Resort

Straight Lake             Osage, Minnesota

Your hosts ---Trevor & Tammy Daniels

              Phone: 1-218-573-3975    e-mail:                  



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                      Straight Pines Resort Reservation Form

Please complete this form & send along with your deposit so that we can properly

prepare for your arrival. Mail to : 

Straight Pines Resort 

27148 Bass Bay Drive,

 Osage, MN 56570


I wish to reserve Cabin{s)#________Arriving on_____________2016  and

Departing on_____________2016       Deposit included $___________

Our families names are:_________________kids________________________

Pets?   Yes   Number   Kind:_______________________________ 

We are bringing our own boat ?  Yes    No 

Our phone # (           )__________________ 

Any special  needs or comments? ___________________________________  

How did you hear about us? _________________________

       A confirmation/ camp list  will be mailed upon receipt of deposit and this form. 

   We are looking forward to your stay with us. 

Thank you,   

  Trevor & Tammy Daniels